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Partnership Opportunities

Transformation Partner

As a transformation partner, you play a vital role in helping to educate, counsel, guide, strengthen, and support the transformation journeys of our members for success. Whether you’re a mental health professional, counselor, teacher, life coach, or mentor, our innovative learning solutions can be a complementary resource to bolster your client or student experience, and enhance how you deliver your services.
Monthly commissions on personal development resources.

Ministry Partner

As a ministry partner, you play an important role in providing spiritual guidance and support in the community. Whether you’re a church pastor, minister, or small groups leader, you’re committed to serving and helping your congregation grow. As such, we work with you to strengthen your outreach and engagement activities to support your congregation. We do this by partnering with you to personalize and host church-sponsored growth challenges or workshop/seminar experiences.
Monthly contributions/donations on sponsored growth challenges and learrning experiences. Schedule a FREE introductory meeting to learn more.


As an influencer, you help us reach, serve, and spread the word to people in search of life-changing personal development resources and experiences. We provide you with an additional avenue and means to grow your influence and be rewarded for your efforts through co-marketing opportunities, affiliate links, and more.
Monthly commissions on personal development resources.

Collaboration Partner

As a collaboration partner, we work together on projects and initiatives that jointly support and align with our strategic visions. Whether it is a learning experience, speaking engagement opportunity or a music, technology, event project, we leverage the synergy of our collaboration to support and complement each other’s desire to add value to the world.
Monthly commissions on personal development resources.

Giving Partner

By becoming a giving partner, you join the community of donors supporting Bruce Francois Ministries. Whether through a one-time donation or a monthly contribution, your ongoing gift plays a vital role in sustaining our outreach initiatives. Together, we aim to reach millions in search of Christ’s love and God’s purpose, making a positive impact and transforming lives.