Bruce Francois

Apostle Bruce Francois



Meet Apostle Bruce Francois (Apostle B) – a dedicated minister whose life embodies the essence of purpose, impactful leadership, inspiration, and unwavering faith. His purpose in life is to inspire and empower others to realize and maximize their God-given potential. 

Impact-Driven Leader

Apostle B is a beacon of transformative leadership, propelled by a profound sense of purpose. As the founder of BF Ministries, he serves as a spiritual leader with a vision to make a lasting impact on the lives of others.

Inspirational Speaker & Author

As an inspirational speaker and emerging author, Apostle B captivates audiences with his powerful words and profound insights. His messages resonate deeply, inspiring individuals to embrace their purpose and unlock their full potential.

Mentor & Family Man

Beyond the podium, Apostle B is a mentor and a family man. His commitment to nurturing and guiding others extends to both personal and professional realms, fostering growth, and creating a legacy of strong, purpose-driven relationships.

Social Entrepreneur

Apostle B is not just a leader within the spiritual realm but extends his impact to the social sphere as a social entrepreneur. Committed to addressing societal challenges, he pioneers initiatives and programs through BF Ministries that create positive change in the community.


dynamic Mastermind

Apostle B’s impact transcends social, cultural, corporate, and denominational boundaries. His unique message resonates widely, and he thrives on using his wisdom, knowledge, experience, and scientific background to inspire, mentor, guide, and empower others towards purposeful living.