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“Inspiration Power Up” is a carefully curated collection of inspirational messages spoken by Apostle Bruce Francois (ApostleB), designed to uplift your spirit and energize your day. Whether you’re starting your morning, needing a midday boost, or winding down in the evening, these impactful messages will inspire, encourage, motivate, and guide you on your faith journey. Each message has been divinely inspired and crafted for its powerful words, motivating beats, and overall positive vibes. Let this collection be your go-to source for a dose of inspiration and empowerment.

ASK Apostle B

“Ask ApostleB” features real talk for real solutions, providing insightful and practical answers to some of life’s toughest questions. Join us as we engage in God’s wisdom and His Word, offering guidance and support through thoughtful discussions and biblical teachings. This series is designed to help you navigate life’s challenges with faith, clarity, and confidence, drawing from divine wisdom to find real, transformative solutions.

Sermons by Apostle Bruce Francois

“Sermons by Apostle Bruce Francois” features “Good News For Good Change,” spreading the love and wisdom of Jesus Christ to inspire positive transformation. Each sermon delivers powerful messages rooted in the Gospel, aimed at promoting spiritual growth and advancing God’s Kingdom. Join us to experience uplifting teachings that encourage faith, hope, and actionable change in your life.